Wyatt Brown is what you’d call an OG in the US scooter scene. This guy has been around for over a decade now constantly progressing his level of riding with a bag of tricks that seem to be endless. Throwing down huge flip combos or putting his own unique style to tricks, you can be sure that watching this guy ride his scooter is smooth and stylish.

Nick Name: Wyatt          Instagram: @y_it_brown

Riding Style: Hybrid           The Local: Lexington Skatepark


  • Deck – Psychic Totem 5.5″ x 22″
  • Bars – Launder V2 Cro-Mo O/S
  • Compression – Oath Cage V2 SCS
  • Fork – Oath Shadow SCS/HIC
  • Wheels – Oath Bermuda 110mm
  • Grips – Oath Bermuda
  • Brake On/Off – On