Roomet Saalik is a household name amongst the scootering world, boasting his unique style of riding packed with world first tricks like the infamous 1440 and plenty more. Roomet has been on our radar for a while now and we’re super pumped that his views align with us here at Triad and we’re able to work together going forward.

Nick Name: Roomet          Instagram: @roometsaalik

Riding Style: Hybrid


  • Deck – Triad Psychic Totem 5.5″ x 23″
  • Bars – Triad Launder V2 O/S
  • Compression – UrbanArtt Civic Clamp
  • Fork – UrbanArtt Civic SCS/HIC Fork
  • Wheels – UrbanArtt Civic 115 x 30mm
  • Grips – Urbanartt Civic
  • Brake On/Off – Off