Psychic Totem


Our Psychic Totem deck was styled from our original Medusa deck but significantly refined to reduce weight and improve function.  Featuring the V2 Fend Off brake system, lightweight but strong neck and head tubes. Available in the unique raw stone colour-way. With mini gridlock system dropouts, clear cast grip tape and the awesome Psychic Totem graphic, this is sure to be a no brainer.
• 7 Series Aluminium gives a higher resistance to dings and bending
• Exclusive hand drawn Psychic Totem graphics
• Lightweight extruded and CNC bridge
• Exclusive V2 2 in 1 Fend Off fender brake
• Gridlock Axle system enables simple access for maintenance and wheel change outs
• 83 degree head tube angle
• Clear cast grip tape lets the deck shine in all it's glory.
• All deck sizes are compatible with up to 30mm (W) x 125mm (H) wheels.
Psychic Totem
Psychic Totem
Psychic Totem
Psychic Totem
Psychic Totem
Psychic Totem
Psychic Totem

Available in 5 sizes

19.5″ x 4.7″

(495mm x 120mm)

LENGTH: 495mm/19.5”

WIDTH: 120mm/4.7”

WEIGHT:  1.28kg/45.15oz

(1.45kg/51.14oz with accessories)

20.5" x 4.7"

(520mm x 120mm)

LENGTH: 520mm/20.5″ 

WIDTH: 120mm/4.7”

WEIGHT: 1.33kg/46.9oz

(1.5kg/52.9oz with accessories)

22" x 5.1" BOXED

(560mm x 130m)

LENGTH: 560mm/22″

WIDTH: 130mm/5.1”

WEIGHT: 1.5kg/52.9oz

(1.74kg/61.37oz with accessories)

22" x 5.5" BOXED

(560mm x 140mm)

LENGTH: 560mm/22”

WIDTH: 140mm/5.5"

WEIGHT: 1.65kg/58.2oz

(1.84kg/64.9oz with accessories)

23" x 5.5" BOXED

(585mm x 140mm)

LENGTH: 585mm/23″

WIDTH: 140mm/5.5”

WEIGHT: 1.64kg/57.84oz

(1.86kg/65.60oz with accessories)