Ian McDonald is fast making a name for himself throughout the scootering scene for his technical abilities and diversity he brings to the table every time he jumps on his scooter. He’s got the capabilities to ride just about any obstacle in front of him and bring his own creativity to every trick he puts down. Ian is set to take his riding to the next level and we’re pumped to be supporting him going forward.

Nick Name: Ian          Instagram: @iannnmcdonald

Riding Style: Park          The Local: Laguna Hills Skatepark


  • Deck – Psychic Totem 5.5″ x 22″
  • Bars – Riot Cro-Mo O/S
  • Compression – Oath Cage V2 SCS
  • Fork – Oath Shadow SCS/HIC
  • Wheels – Oath Bermuda 110mm
  • Grips – Oath Bermuda
  • Brake On/Off – Off