Fridolin “Frido” Ewald is a street orientated rider coming out of Germany with some serious talent, this guy has outstanding control over his scooter when it comes to dancing on rails and sliding on ledges but he’s certainly doesn’t shy away from riding transition at a skatepark… be on the lookout for Frido making a solid name for himself in the near future!

Nick Name: Frido        Age: 20 years old        Instagram: grindinfrido

Riding Style: Street orientated but likes riding skateparks too

Team Status: Up and comer

Years Riding – 7.5           The Local – Göppingen 


  • Deck – Diablo                                                     •  Bars – Launder bars (Black)
  • Compression – SCS Cage Clamp (Raw)        •  Fork – Oath IHC Shadow (Raw)
  • Wheels – Oath Stalker 115mm (Black)          •  Grips – Oath Bermuda (Black)