Brendon Smith has been riding for 14 years and has been an ever lasting staple in the scootering community. At 25 years of age his dedication and passion for his scooter are something to be in awe of with the trick list to match. Brendon doesn’t ride like most, he creates and innovates and is the new definition of ambidextrous. It’s a pleasure to watch him ride a scooter and we couldn’t be more honored to welcome him to Triad.

Nick Name: Bsmith          Instagram: brendonsmith

Riding Style: Park           The Local: Benalla Skate Park / Shed

Team Status: Pro Team


  • Deck – Medusa 4.7 x 20                    •  Bars – Riot Titanium
  • Compression – Oath Cage HIC        •  Fork – Oath Shadow
  • Wheels – Oath Stalker 115mm        •  Grips – Oath Bermuda
  • Brake On/Off – On